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Share International Magazine Update – June 2019

The latest abridged and online version of Share International magazine can be viewed by clicking here. “The necessity of change, radical and fundamental, will soon engage the minds of a growing number of statesmen and politicians, eager to add their voices and to put their stamp on the time. Far-reaching though they must be, the changes, it will be realized, must proceed at a pace commensurate with men’s ability to adapt. Naught will be served by a too eager attempt to force the pace of transformation. Radically but logically, step by tested step, must the new foundations be built. On such firm rocks alone can the future stability of society be assured. When Maitreya first announces His plans and hopes for the rehabilitation of the world, His energy of Love — the Sword of Cleavage — will further delineate the divisions which now exist. Men will take sides — for or against the new principles that He will present for the betterment of all. Thus will it be. Thus will a period of discord and discontent precede the acceptance of the new. Not all men, of course, will view the future with equal pleasure. Diehards abound in every field and must be cajoled and humoured into compliance. In time, even those who most oppose will renounce their intransigence and enter the field of labour for the common good. A simpler and a better life awaits the builders of the new time. This is the time of test and choice. When men realize this they will gather round Maitreya and seek willingly His guidance and succour, glad to be of service and to confirm their identity with His aims.” From: Coping with change, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme click here for more A hard copy of Share International magazine is freely donated on a monthly basis to the Central Library (Reference Library), George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EG and to the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN.

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