Share International Magazine Update – July/August 2019

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“Heretofore, our knowledge of the Soul has come from religious texts. These have left man with the impression that the Soul is distant from himself, something to be recognized and worshipped from afar. As man progresses, however, he comes to understand that the Soul is himself, a higher and purer part of himself, but nevertheless himself. Thus a man progresses, deepening in knowledge of his true being and purpose.

All in their own way make such a journey, some swiftly and eagerly, others more slowly and less sure of the path. But all eventually pass through the various gates which mark their progress on the way. Today this journey is trodden by millions who know not that the path exists but nevertheless answer the call of their Soul, and enter thereon. They sense the needs of the time and seek to meet these needs, and so play their part.

Knowingly or not they are responding to the call from Maitreya through their Souls to enter the fray, and to replenish this world with their ardour and courage. Their efforts, they will find, have not been in vain.”

From: The Path of Ascent, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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