Share International Magazine Update – October 2019

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“The world stands ready for more light. The peoples everywhere are thirsty for new knowledge of themselves and of God. Because of this readiness, the Masters have prepared Themselves to inaugurate a new era of Light. Limitless opportunities for progress will be offered to mankind: man will marvel at the discoveries which will open the door to mastery of natural forces; he will stand amazed by the wonder and beauty thus revealed; he will know for certain the fact of God and his relation to that divinity, and will enter willingly into co-operation with the Divine Plan.

All of this awaits humanity as it stands at the threshold of the Aquarian Age. This will be an age in which the Divine Plan will flourish once again, bringing man at last into conscious acceptance of his destiny.

Many today would doubt this, as they survey a world of cleavage and tension. The problems seem too complex, the divisions too extreme. But precisely then, at the moment of greatest need, comes the Teacher, ready to bring new Light. Such a One is now among you, waiting in the wings, patiently, for the invitation to serve.

From: Let there be light, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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