Ways you can help

♦   Talk about this information to relatives, friends, etc.
♦   Refer people to the Share International website.
♦   Start or join a transmission meditation group in your area.
♦   Put up flyers and posters to advertise upcoming events.
♦   Distribute leaflets and the Emergence Quarterly (EQ) newspaper.
♦   Organise and invite Share International co-workers to give a public lecture.
♦   Give your own public lecture or set up a a film presentation.
♦   Run a stall at a Holistic Health/Environmental/Social Justice fair etc.
♦   Place an advert about Maitreya in your local paper.
♦   Write to newspapers and magazines about Maitreya’s emergence.
♦   Advertise Benjamin Creme’s talks in a local paper.
♦   Call in to radio and TV talk shows.
♦   Donate books and Share International magazines to local libraries and community centres.
♦   Give a friend a Share International magazine gift subscription.
♦   Organise a ‘Sharing will save the world’ photographic exhibition.
♦   Give a donation towards the work of Share International.


Please also visit the ‘Ways you can help‘ link on the main Share International website.


If you can make known this fact on a wide enough scale, it will not be long indeed till the world knows my face. My aim is to shorten this time yet further, but an early declaration of my presence depends on you, depends on your will to serve.”        Message No. 7 , from Maitreya, the World Teacher.