Welcome to Share International Scotland

We are a voluntary group affiliated with Share International Foundation – a worldwide network of individuals and groups whose purpose is to make known the fact that Maitreya, the World Teacher, and his group, the Masters of Wisdom, are now emerging into the everyday world, to inaugurate a new era for humanity and to help us with our most critical global problems.
Throughout this site, we will share news and information about upcoming events in Scotland, and provide information related to the unfolding story of the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher.
The work of Share International Scotland is broadly speaking an educational endeavour, undertaken by a small but dedicated group of voluntary co-workers, engaged in the following areas:
  THE EMERGENCE OF MAITREYA  THE WORLD TEACHER, and the MASTERS OF WISDOM into our modern world, and the momentous and revelatory nature of this historic event.  These teachers are here to work with and inspire humanity to solve our most critical global problems of poverty, hunger, famine, war and ecological imbalance.
  TRANSMISSION MEDITATION – a simple form of group meditation, providing both a dynamic field of service and a powerful means of personal development.
  Campaigning for the SHARING of our planet’s vast resources, as the only way to create a more just and peaceful world for all people. SHARING = JUSTICE = PEACE.
  Disseminating the ‘AGELESS WISDOM’ TEACHINGS – an ancient body of spiritual teachings underlying all the world’s religions as well as all scientific, social and cultural achievements.  First made available in writing to the general public in the late 1800s by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in the 1900s by Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich, and from 1974 by Benjamin Creme.
Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, My friends, shall we anchor them in the world.”    ~  Maitreya, the World Teacher
For further information about Share International, please visit: www.share-international.org/aboutus/aboutus.htm