Photo: Maitreya’s miraculous appearance in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1988.

The Emergence of the World Teacher – in brief
All the great religions posit the idea of a further revelation to be given by a future Teacher.  Christians hope for the return of the Christ, Buddhists look for Maitreya Buddha, while Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna, and Jews the Messiah.
Students of the esoteric tradition know all these as different names for the same great Being – the Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, the Head of our planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy – and look for his imminent return now.
In July 1977, Maitreya emerged from His centre in the Himalayas, when least expected, “like a thief in the night”.  Since then, He has lived in London as a seemingly ordinary man concerned with modern problems – political, economic, social, spiritual and environmental.  Since March 1978, He has been known as a spokesman in the Pakistani-Indian community.  He is not a religious teacher, but an educator in the broadest sense, pointing the way out of the present world crisis.  According to the esoteric teaching, Maitreya manifested Himself 2,000 years ago in Palestine by overshadowing His disciple Jesus – now the Master Jesus.  This time Maitreya has come himself.
Maitreya, does not come alone, but is the senior member of a group known in the East as the Masters of Wisdom.  As humanity’s Elder Brothers, these enlightened men have inspired all the great achievements age after age, working mainly from behind the scenes.  Today, for the first time in 98,000 years, the Masters are emerging to live openly among us, and will offer Their guidance in the rebuilding our our world.
Maitreya’s spiritual teaching: Maitreya does not intend to build a new religion around Himself, nor to create followers, but to teach humanity “the art of Self-realization”.  The first steps are “honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment”.
Maitreya’s social concerns are reflected in his list of priorities: an adequate supply of right food, adequate housing and shelter for all, healthcare and education as a universal right.  Maitreya will advocate that the number one priority, after the ending of starvation for millions, will be the saving of the environment.  Maitreya’s message can be summarized in a few words: “Share and save the world“.
The information about Maitreya’s emergence has been presented to the public since 1974 by Scottish artist and author Benjamin Creme, chief editor of Share International magazine.  His training for this work, under a Master of Wisdom, began in 1959.  Mr Creme lectures throughout the world on this subject, is the author of more than a dozen books, accepts no royalties or honorarium for his work.

Summarizing the historical perspective:
1982, 14 May: Benjamin Creme revealed at a packed press conference in Los Angeles, that Maitreya is living in the Asian community of London, and challenged the media to invite Maitreya to come forward.  The media did not respond.
1987, August: Creme announced: “In the coming three or four months, Maitreya will be working intensively to bring a breakthrough in international relations.” Less than a month later the breakthrough came, in the political meetings between the Americans and the Soviets, followed in December by the armaments agreement that no one had thought possible.
1988, 11 June: Maitreya appeared miraculously, “out of the blue”, at an open-air prayer/healing meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. He was photographed addressing (in their own language) thousands of people who instantly recognized Him as the Christ.  The story and photographs were reported by major media including CNN.  Similar events were witnessed by large groups of all religious faiths around the world.  At the same time, water sources were charged by Maitreya in the near vicinity.  These miraculous healing waters have so far been discovered in Mexico, India and Germany.  A total of 777 water sources will eventually be found.  Maitreya, and his groups of Masters, continue to make appearances to people in  variety of different ways.
1988-1993: Through a close associate of Maitreya’s in the Asian community of London, Share International received a series of articles outlining Maitreya’s teachings.  Sent to the world’s media as new releases, these teachings drew attention to developments  which, under the Law of Cause and Effect, Maitreya predicts will take place.  Outer events have demonstrated his insight.  As early as 1988, He foresaw the release of Nelson Mandela and the process of detente in South Africa.  He stated that governments everywhere would have to give way to the “voice of the people”, a statement which found its most impressive proof in Eastern Europe and the fall of the Soviet Union.  As early as June 1988, Maitreya announced that a “world stock market crash would begin in Japan”.  In 1989, the Japanese stock market  lost 40 per cent of its value, and in subsequent years the crisis spread to Eastern Europe, the Asian ‘tiger economies’, Russia and Argentina.  The financial collapse hit the USA hard in 2008 and soon had further worldwide repercussions.
1988 onward: Increasing numbers of miracles began to be reported worldwide, manifested by Maitreya and His group as a sign of His emergence.  These included: weeping and bleeding statues and icons of the Madonna and Jesus; ‘crosses of light’ in windows; healing water; holy text in fruits; the worldwide Hindu milk-drinking statues; light patterns on buildings; encounters with ‘angels’.
1990, April 21-22: Maitreya held a weekend conference in London for a around 200 world leaders or their emissaries from the fields of government, business, science, religion and journalism.  Many pledged their co-operation to help implement Maitreya’s priorities.
2001: Maitreya miraculously manifested His ‘hand-print’ on a bathroom mirror in Barcelona, Spain, in August 2001.  First published in Share International magazine in October 2001, the ‘hand’ is a means of invoking the healing energies and help of Maitreya.  He says: “My help is yours to command, you have only to ask.”

What next?
The ‘star’ sign: On 12 December 2008, Benjamin Creme announced that a large brilliant “star-like luminary” would soon appear, seen night and day around the word, to herald Maitreya’s first television interview.  Since January 2009, increasing numbers of sightings of the ‘star’ are being reported in Share International magazine, on the YouTube website and by the media.
Maitreya’s television interviews: In January 2010 Benjamin Creme announced that Maitreya first interview on an American television network had taken place.  he has now given a series of interviews on American, Mexican and Brazilian television, and will soon be interviewed on TV in Japan, Europe and around the world.  In this way He is gradually making know His concerns and giving His solutions to the world’s problems.
Benjamin Creme explains: “When Maitreya comes forward, he will not at first use the name Maitreya.  he will appear at first on American television, and then in Japan and around the world.  he will become known for His analysis of the world’s needs.  Look for a man who is calling for justice for all the world, freedom for all the world. When enough people are responding to what He has to say Maitreya will be asked to speak to the entire world.”
The Day of Declaration: Maitreya will be seen on television worldwide via linked satellite networks.  he will mentally ‘overshadow’ all of humanity simultaneously and everyone (over the age of 14) will hear His words inwardly, telepathically, in their own language.  Thousands of miraculous healings will take place.  Maitreya will outline the future life for humanity and make His appeal for justice, for sharing as the only way to justice, and so to peace in our world.  Our response to this event will determine the entire future of our world.  Maitreya has already said: “My heart tells me your answer, your choice, and is glad.”
The above background information was reproduced with kind permission from Share International Magazine.