Transmission Meditation is Service. 

It creates a pool of higher energy for the benefit of humanity.  It is simple to do, and provides a powerful means of personal growth.
Introduced to the world in 1974 by Benjamin Creme, there are now hundreds of Transmission Meditation groups active in may countries around the world.  In Scotland, there are active groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, with interest shown in Perth, Dundee and Inverness.  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us through this website, and we put you in touch with a contact in your area.
Further information on Transmission Meditation below, extracted from a talk by Benjamin Creme and reproduced with kind permission.


Transmission Meditation

Meditation is, depending on the type of meditation, a more or less scientific means of contacting the soul, and of eventually becoming at-one with the soul.  That is the basic purpose of meditation of any kind.
Transmission Meditation is a way of serving the world.  Unlike many other types of meditation, it attracts to it only those people who have the desire to serve.
The Masters of Wisdom have at their disposal tremendous spiritual energies.  A major part of the Masters’ work is to distribute these energies in the world to produce the effects, the fulfillment of the Plan of Evolution which They know to be envisaged for this planet. Transmission Meditation Groups act as ‘sub-stations’.  There are several hundred Transmission groups world-wide and they meet regularly at a particular time and day.  This can be once, twice or three times a week.
The group meets and sounds together, aloud, ‘The Great Invocation’, which has been given to humanity for this purpose.  This Invocation was released to the world by Maitreya, the World Teacher, to give us (humanity) a technique for consciously invoking the energies which would transform the world and prepare for His coming.  By the sounding of this great mantram with the attention focused on the ajna centre or brow chakra (located between the eyebrows), a conduit is formed between the group and the Hierarchy of Masters.  Through that conduit the Masters send Their energies.
In Transmission Meditation, your chakras (energy centres) are stimulated in a way that would be altogether impossible otherwise.  This work leads to very profound changes in the individual. Most people, withing six months or a year, realise the changes in themselves, recognise they are a different, a better person.  They may find that they have more discipline, more determination, mote consistency in their approach to work.  A large number of people receive healing, spontaneously, during the Transmissions.
Transmission Meditation is safe, scientific, non-denominational activity.  It will not interfere with any other religious or spiritual practice.  While many people who believe in the Christ’s reappearance participate in Transmission Meditation, such belief is by no means necessary to serve in this way.
To form a Transmission Meditation group, all you need is the intention and the desire to serve.  As few as three people can transmit energy very effectively.  You can start simply by inviting a few friends of like interest to meet with you regularly.  Regularity is important.  The group should choose a day(s) and a time and stick to it.  This enables Hierarchy to know that a group can be depended upon to be available at a set time, and the group energy can be integrated into the overall work.  The technique involved is very simple and  is applicable to anyone above the age of 12.  Begin by speaking aloud together The Great Invocation.  The Invocation should be said before the transmission to help align the group with Hierarchy and call forth the energy.
No special expertise is required in order to transmit energy.  All that is needed is alignment between the physical brain and the Soul, or Higher Self.  This is achieved by focusing the attention on the ajna centre, the point between the eyebrows, and simultaneously sounding, or thinking, the mantram ‘OM’ silently, inwardly.  During the transmission, endeavor to hold the focus there.  If the attention wanders, gently sound the OM inwardly, or mentally, and re-focus on that centre.  Do not meditate on the OM, just use it to bring your attention back.  It is not the purpose of transmission groups to ‘ground’ energy; therefore the OM is sounded silently to send the energies out on the mental plane.
In the beginning you may wish to establish a specific length of time for the transmission, for example, one hour.  But once the group is established, it is recommended that the transmission continue until energy flow ceases.  In this latter case, members should feel free to leave whenever they wish.
Group members should not direct the energies to any person, group, or country whom they think could benefit.  It is enough that we act as positive, poised mental channels, though which the energies can be sent in a highly scientific manner.


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