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Benjamin Creme radio interview on ‘Paradigm Unhinged’ (December 2013)

Click here to listen to a radio interview (80mins) with Benjamin Creme on the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the spiritual mission of the Space People. The hosts are retired police officers and UFO investigators. The interview was pre-recorded for the show ‘Paradigm Unhinged’, on 17 December 2013, and first broadcast on Christmas Day.

Share International Magazine update December 2013

A newly updated, abridged version of Share International magazine can be viewed by clicking here.

“The principle of sharing is beginning to enter the minds of many groups throughout the world. Bit by bit men inch their way to this conclusion. Maitreya reminds all who hear Him that sharing alone provides the solution to our troubles. Thus, as the weeks and months go by, men can be seen to grapple with their problems, and more and more find sharing to be the key to their future.”

From: A blueprint for sharing, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 5 November 2013

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