Share International Magazine Update – December 2018

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“We are entering an age in which reason will gradually be replaced by the higher faculty of intuition. That which constitutes the reasoning faculty in man, and of which he is justly proud, will one day drop beneath the threshold of consciousness and become as instinctive as breathing or moving is today. There lies ahead of man an immense increase in awareness through the unfolding of his intuition, an awareness of states of Being as yet altogether unknown to him but which lie ready to be perceived by his awakened mind.

All expansions of consciousness are preceded by periods of tension, and this time of conflict and difficulty through which mankind is now passing will be succeeded by one of tranquillity and poise, which will set the stage for the gradual flowering of the intuition.

The next step in the flowering of the race will be the advent of those souls in whom the intuitive faculty is already active and potent. Those souls are now being gathered on the inner planes of life and soon will make their appearance. They will constitute the next (6th) sub-race of the present 5th root race and will lead humanity out of the darkness of the limited rational mind into the light of the intuition.

…Separateness is unknown when the intuition functions; the Oneness of all things is directly perceived. The illusions of the rational mind are transcended and Reality is known… As the intuition unfolds, so do the separative tendencies of the rationalising mind diminish and a healthier climate for all relationships is the beneficent result… awaken the intuition and dissolve the darkness; awaken the intuition and cast out all fear.”

From: Reason and intuition, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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