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Share International Magazine update July/August 2016

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“There comes a time in the life of every nation when a period of soul-searching must take place; when the ideals enshrined in its constitution, written or not, must be looked at again in the light of actual achievement, and a reassessment of that achievement made. When this is done with honesty and candour, a new and sobering realism will replace the present self-congratulation in which the leaders of many nations indulge, hoping thereby to maintain their faltering grip on the lives of their peoples. Their time is all but over.

Thus it is that Maitreya addresses Himself to the present situation, to the problems which beset all men…

When you are asked, “What will the future bring?” tell them this: a bright star has forsaken its rightful place in the firmament and has chosen to walk among men, bringing gifts as yet unseen on Earth. By name Maitreya, this Blessed One will teach men the ways of what they can become. He will show them the secret entrance to the heart of God and lead them therein. He will walk with men and angels and relate these two. By example and teaching He will show the way to self-salvation. He will regenerate and rejuvenate the world. Listen for His knock.”

From: The One who knocks, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, January 1993

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