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Share International Magazine Update – July/August 2018

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“It is near the time for mankind’s great decision. Expectant, the Lords Themselves await that decisive moment. Few there are, indeed, among the multitudes who know the importance of this time, the choice for man: to plunge headlong, unheeding, to disaster; or to reorder, and sanctify with justice and freedom, the life for all men.

To enable men to understand the consequences of their actions, Maitreya stands ready to enter the public sphere. He will add His persuasive wisdom to the call for sanity and peace. He will inspire and teach.

With impatience do many await this time, knowing little of the many factors, cosmic and other, which must be balanced by Maitreya to fulfill the law. Nothing may be done which infringes the free will of men; naught but the Law, and an understanding of the times, can influence the judgement of Maitreya on the moment of His public appearance. Of one thing you may be assured: not one moment’s delay will be countenanced by Maitreya which would, otherwise, allow His open mission of service to begin. He alone is the arbiter of that moment. Await, and trust, His judgement.”

From: A perennial choice, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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