Share International Magazine Update – October 2018

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“More and more, the nations are beginning to recognize, to take seriously and to deal with, an age-old problem, namely corruption… In modern times, the large corporations of the West have been found guilty of ‘cooking the books’ on a massive scale, while in the East it is taken for granted that every transaction needs the ‘greasing’ of someone’s palm.

Corruption is endemic, and runs through some societies from the president or prime minister to the police and sport. Electoral corruption is rampant, as recent elections have demonstrated, even in countries supposedly dedicated to freedom and democracy. Such corrupt governments fail and betray their peoples and so surrender their right to govern.

To help men to do this, you may be sure that Maitreya will be at pains to demonstrate to men the eroding effect of corruption in all its many manifestations. He will show that if men would become the Gods they essentially are, they must abandon the old ways of deceit and subterfuge. To tackle the serious environmental problems, He will explain, men must work together, in trust. Without trust, Maitreya will emphasize, little can be done.

Maitreya will show that men have but one choice to create the necessary trust: to share the produce of this bounteous Earth more evenly across the world, and so end for ever the starvation and poverty of millions, dying in the midst of plenty.

World public opinion will find its voice and its Mentor, and against its power the obstructive voices of the greedy dictators and corrupt politicians will fade. So will it be, and so will begin the cleansing and transformation of this world.”

From: The end of corruption, by Benjamin Creme’s Master

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