Share International Magazine Update – November 2018

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“Among humanity today is a growing number of men and women who are engaged in outlining the principles on which the new civilization will be built. They are to be found in almost every country, and they propagate the teachings which reflect the qualities of the New Age of Aquarius… These are the forerunners, sent ahead to prepare men for the experiences which will characterize the New Age.

More and more, men are seen as superfluous in a struggle for existence, mere pawns in a gigantic game of ‘hunt the dollar’. Human trust and social cohesion are nowhere to be seen in this rapacious contest for gain at any cost. Not for much longer can humanity stand the strain of this struggle, in which men are taking their stand, for love or insane greed.

Behind the scenes Maitreya and His Group fan the flames of this conflict and gradually, more and more, men are beginning to see their path. With growing will, they voice aloud their need for change, following the precepts of the men and women of vision who are leading the way.”

From: The forerunners, by Benjamin Creme’s Master

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