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Share International Magazine update April 2015

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“For some, these changes will seem threatening and unwelcome while for others, especially the young, they will be welcomed with open arms. Be assured that they are for the best, whatever your stance, for they reflect the needs of the time, and are inevitable and just.”

From: The justice of the Law, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 March 2015

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Time for Change (new video)

Humanity is currently facing unprecedented challenges in every field — political, economic, social, environmental. A new short film produced by volunteers with Share International suggests that only through a total transformation of the systems which run the world, so that they benefit all mankind instead of just the privileged few, can we adequately meet those challenges. It also introduces the concept that there are those who have evolved beyond the human kingdom and have perfected themselves. These “elder brothers” are here to show us the way forward and to help us implement the needed changes.

Duration: 3 mins (approx.). Click here to watch the film on the official Share International channel on YouTube.