Share International Magazine Update – April 2018

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“It will not surprise any intelligent reader to learn that, in Our estimation, the present chaotic economic and resultant social conditions will not last for very much longer. Nor do We see a sudden transformation and return to the mythical ‘status quo’. The peoples of the world, in millions, have begun to sense the aroma of freedom, and for little longer will be denied its boon.

The old order is collapsing and no government can halt this process. The new energies of Aquarius are waxing stronger, breaking asunder the old corrupt and decadent order. The young, and young at heart, are the first to register the appearance of this new aspiration for justice. The desire for right relationship wells up strongly in the hearts of the young.

Meanwhile Maitreya continues His progress among the nations, speaking freely of the need for justice, sharing and love.”

From: The aspiration of the young, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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