Share International Magazine update December 2016

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“The difficult times are all but over and people should await confidently the New Time, when Maitreya will demonstrate His high Being and all will acknowledge Him as the Master for this time.” Many people are too worried or too unaware to recognize the need for another way of acting and being.”

Statement by Benjamin Creme’s Master —, 5 October 2016
Benjamin Creme received, via mental telepathy, this special statement from his Master.

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“I have concentrated on the emergence of Maitreya and of Ourselves, His Disciples. This is the central happening of this time, without precedent in untold millennia. The climax of this process is now being reached. Frequently, now, Maitreya appears before many hundreds to inform them of His Presence and to invoke their aid. Soon, these appearances will reach the ears of media and investigation will begin. That investigation will reveal the presence of an extraordinary man, endowed with unusual powers and offering unusual answers to men’s problems and needs.

We stand on the threshold of a new era. Most people today can feel the winds of change which sweep across the world, pointers to the new time. Amid the chaos and the breakdown of old certainties and forms can be felt a new world waiting to be born. A better world. A safer, saner and a fairer world.”

The Promise of the future by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, SI May 1992

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