Share International Magazine Update – January/February 2017

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“From time to time, there appears among men a figure who embodies the best, or the worst, that men can show. These individuals become the most loved or the most hated of men…

Today, in large numbers, many examples of both types are manifesting worldwide. The effect of this manifestation is to set before humanity two opposing lines of action, and so create the tension of choice which will determine the future of the race…

The Sword of Cleavage is the energy we call Love: wielded by Maitreya it sets “brother against brother” and tests the true divine consciousness of men everywhere. The ultimate aim of all evolution is to establish on Earth the ‘Kingdom of God’, and the Sword of Cleavage shows men the way.

Have no fear, the people’s voice is rising and like a contagion affecting more and more. Maitreya stands behind those who live – or die – for the truth of freedom, justice and the unity of man. The young lead the way, and the future is for them.”

From: Creating the Sword of Cleavage, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 September 2011

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