Share International Magazine Update – June 2017

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“…it is dawning on many that the present ways of living are bankrupt of meaning and lack all potential for human happiness. Large numbers thus ‘opt out’ of the struggle and seek solace and equilibrium in the growing number of religions, philosophies and ‘cults’, ancient and new. The changes needed seem too vast, too radical for human hands or minds to set in motion, and they turn inwards to the God Who, they suspect, controls the affairs of men.

Maitreya enters now the world arena to teach men that they are Gods in potential, that they are powerful indeed, and that conditioning alone, holds them in thrall to superstition and fear, competition and greed. He will show men the way to renounce the past, and to construct, under His wise guidance, a civilization worthy of men who are moving into their Divinity. The day is not far off when men will hear His Call, and hearing, respond. The day is not far off when men will know that the long dark night is over, that the time has come to welcome the new light which has entered the world.”

From: Moving into Divinity, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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