Share International Magazine Update – March 2017

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“There will come a time when humanity will look back on this time as the ‘barbarian age’. So far from the possible ideal is the present dying civilization that future men will wonder how, and for so long, were we able to sustain it….

To be sure, these dire conditions are not everywhere and uniformly present but for vast numbers they represent the reality of their lives, and, unless men change direction, they can only worsen….

When Maitreya enters, openly, the world arena, He will show men that such a life of pain and struggle is not inevitable, is not their only option; that another way is theirs by right if it is their will.

Maitreya will remind men of their own high origin and destiny, and will inspire the creation of a new way of living: in harmony, in right relationship, without recourse to war or competition, in the fullest co-operation and mutual respect. Thus will it be.”

From: The end of the ‘barbarian age’, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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