Share International Magazine update September 2016

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“The present situation will soon turn for the better. The storm is nearly over. It is losing its intensity, even if we do not, as yet, recognize it.

Turmoil is almost always the result of the change from one Cosmic state to another. Many people are still enmeshed in the old ways. Many people are too worried or too unaware to recognize the need for another way of acting and being.”

From: Comment by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 25 July 2016

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“These days are difficult for many. Even the best and the closest feel the pains of doubt and reservation.

But when I say that I engage with you as one of you before the world, it is the truth.

Likewise when I say that the time is close indeed when all men will recognize My face and respond, it is the truth.”

From: Message from Maitreya, Benjamin Creme received the following message from Maitreya on 31 March 2016, by a process of mental telepathy.

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