Share International Magazine Update – September 2017

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“The world is waiting. Not with bated breath but with a growing sense that events are moving towards a crisis, the outcome of which is unclear. No one knows how things will turn. The professionals, politicians and economists alike, flounder helplessly in the cross-currents, unable to plan in the conflicting directions they are forced to take. Daily, new problems arise to test the goodwill of the most enlightened, while, behind the scenes, the ruthless greed of speculation brings nations to their knees.

Nothing can halt this slide towards chaos, as market forces crush the life of men in their unholy grip. Nothing can save this civilization, based as it is on competition and greed. The old order is dying; nay, it is already dead. Commercialization, another name for mammon, has usurped the law and become the state religion around the world.”

Into the centre of the storm this group of Elder Brothers is returning. One by one, They take Their places in your midst, ready when called upon to offer Their advice and help… Maitreya has come to make all things new. Knowingly or not, the world is waiting for the new.

From: Waiting for the new, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

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