The World Teacher Will Show Us The Way (Interview with Benjamin Creme)

The extracts below were taken from an interview with artist, author and editor of Share International Magazine, Benjamin Creme, which was recently reprinted on the “Before It’s News” website.  Entitled: ‘The World Teacher Will Show Us The Way’, the interview provides an overview of the priorities of Maitreya the World Teacher, and related esoteric and spiritual philosophy.

“Evolution is really the process by which we become more-and-more identified with and express our soul. The soul is a reflection of the supreme, divine Being Who lies behind all manifestation. So the soul is perfect in every way and we gradually become more­ and-more perfect as we become more-and-more like the nature of the soul. That’s what evolution is: the evolution of consciousness.”

“Maitreya’s priorities are very simple. Maitreya sees the world as the home for everyone. He sees everyone as divine; every single person is a fragment, a spark, of the divine. And He sees what really pertains in the world. At the moment half the world is poor. Millions of people are starving to death every year in a world with a huge surplus of food. And nothing concerns Him more than this. He says: “Nothing so moves Me to grief as this shame. The crime of separation must be driven from this earth. I affirm that as My purpose.”

The text of the full published interview can be viewed by clicking here.